Extracurricular Activity


  • Puppetry:Puppets are natural and fun extension of the pretend play that young children engage in readily. It enhances child’s creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Pottery: Pottery making is a wonderful enrichment activity for children as it enhances their creativity and spatial intelligence, nurtures their ability to create, improves their fine motor skills, encourages out-of-the-box thinking, develops their 3D visualization ability.
  • Tribal Art: Tribal Art involves warli and madhubani art forms. The aim of the programme is to nurture the artists in young minds. The programme focuses on providing the best aesthethic sensibility to the children through form, colour, surface and the design fundamentals.
  • Theatre: Theatre programme aims in enhancing communication skills both orally and in writing. Children will be able to effectively apply analytical and critical skills in understanding and evaluating play scripts, theatrical performances and theatre criticism.
  • Craft: Craft programme includes many hands on activities like origami, best out of waste etc.  This is a module where children improve their coordination and fine motor skills. It also helps in visual processing abilities.


  • Spell Bee: Spell bee helps students improve their spellings, increase their vocabularies and develop correct English usage.
  • Booklings: This module basically provides opportunities for the students to develop their knowledge and skills necessary to access library resources.
  • Speakers: Here we encourage students become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.
  • Languages(French/Hindi/Kannada): The aim is to inculcate amongst students a fondness for the language and practice basic verbal communication.

SPORTS: Sports as a whole gives an opportunity to experience a wide range of specialized activities.

  • Outdoor Sports activities include Cricket, Basketball, Football and Athletics.
  • Indoor Sports activities include Chess, Table tennis
  • While children are gaining expertise in these activities, they develop confidence and competence in performing skills individually as part of a group and, where appropriate to an audience.


  • Gardening Club: Helps students appreciate the amount of work that goes in to grow what we eat  It teaches them to prepare the right potting mixture,  compost making, know about the pests that affect plants, making organic pesticides and reproduction in plants .  It creates the interest for them to start a garden of their own.
  • Magazine Club: The magazine club aims to inform, educate, inspire and connect with the mass.
  • Cookery Club:When we cook, we understand the efforts that goes behind creating a dish. Students learn to cook simple food without use of fire .  Basic chopping skills and eating etiquettes are also learnt. 
  • Technology Club:In technology club different softwares are introduced to create a technological inquiry. Students are introduced to creating a digital motion picture through Movie maker software. Students of this club will be able to tell a story, create a step by step guide and create an informative based movie, through the use of images, titles and song
  • Science Club:  The aim here is to create a curious mind which uses reason and logic to find answers.  As Einstein has said, 'The important thing is to never stop questioning'.  
  • Dance Club: Through dance students engage in collaborative process, strengthening their creative skills in life performance through the study of craft and technique. Students are also exposed to critical studies and histories of dance with rigor and curiosity.
  • Tabla Club: This is one of the most basic and versatile percussion instrument. It helps children develop physical skills, cultivate social skills, refines discipline and patience and boosts their self-esteem.

Apart from enhancing your linguistic skills and sharpening your brain power, learning Chinese offers many benefits such as:

  • Getting a glimpse of the oldest and richest cultures of the world
  • Learning the most widely spoken language of the world
  • Ability to communicate with almost entire South East Asia and more
  • Discovering that its more fun and far less tough than you ever thought!