Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose ICSE over CBSE or any other curriculum?
It is matter of choice. Each board has its own advantage and disadvantage. The syllabus followed by the ICSE board is more comprehensive and complete, encompassing all fields with equal importance. Students who are interested in careers in the lines of management and humanities will find the curriculum followed under ICSE to be more interesting and challenging, not to mention fruitful. Due to the emphasis laid on English in ICSE, students from this board may hold a slight edge over other students in exams like TOEFL. - This also facilitates deeper understanding of the subject.

Is ICSE a very tough curriculum?
ICSE syllabus is a lot more in detail with equal focus on Language, Science and Math. It is more voluminous and the number of subjects are more. However, in ICSE, internal assessments are vital and practical tests are aggregated with the overall scores. ICSE lays more emphasis on lab work. Also, a career in English Literature or Language is best suited for ICSE students. It gives in depth knowledge and due to this is looks tough.

What is the quality of teachers and how do we make sure they deliver the same?

We recruit only trained teachers (with a B.Ed ) after which we have a good induction program that caters to the needs of our institution followed by other professional development programs that are periodically given to them which caters to the board requirements. There are periodical observation of teachers, they are then given feedbacks and mentored regularly.

Is there personalized training in the sports activities and  do we encourage students in state level competitions or other competitions if they have mastered in any?

Students are regularly exposed to different games. We will be having after school programs once we identify potential players to build up the school team and encourage them further to move up further in the area of sports.
What is the homework policy we follow?

The board recommends the following with regard to homework policy: We try to follow these guidelines as far as homework policy goes.

Regulation of Homework

(a) Homework can only be given without detriment to the health and well-being of pupils if judicious control is exercised by the Heads of Schools. The collaboration and co-operation of specialist teachers is also essential. The amount of written work to be done at home must be controlled and there must be a proper division of written and reading homework.

(b) Type of Homework: Homework will differ from subject to subject, but reasonable homework would
   (i) work designed to give children practice in a particular process or operation;
  (ii) the application to new problems of the principles which have been explained in theclass;
  (iii) reading (study) with a view to acquiring principles, essential facts or formulae or illustrative examples;
  (iv) collecting information relating to specified topics or for debates;
  (v) preparation for a class (in Classes X, XI, XII only) not based on new     material but on material previously explained. All homework must be corrected and returned to the students.

(c) Holiday Homework: No holiday homework should be set in the Primary Classes (I to V). At the Middle Classes (VI to VIII) formal homework should not be set, but pupils may be required to keep diaries, takeup one or two projects or work on a hobby, suitable not only to their tastes and abilities, but also the financial position of the parents.

Why choose TRIO over other schools that offer ICSE?

Every school has something special and so is ours . The program followed at TRIO ICSE is an eclectic mix of the best practices in the field of Primary Education.
The program is designed to groom children in Inquiry, Effective communication skills, Reasoning and problem solving abilities, Sensitivity to the world around and Confidence to make a mark for them anywhere in the world!
We are not just focused on extra-curricular activities, but also focus on academics. We offer special programs for music, sports ,art and dance and also specialised reading programs and assessment for the same. This focus on language becomes the building block for all other scholastic areas. Our minimal strength in each class also gives a lot of more of personal attention .

What is the strength of a class and the teacher student ratio?

The strength in each class will be 25- 30 (30 in case of RTE). The teacher student ratio is 8:1 and this absolutely gives us the necessary space for personal attention.
Is ICSE going to merge with CBSE in the near future?

There have been a lot of false rumours with regard to this. Kindly go through this link for further information.
Circular regarding baseless confusion and falsehood spread by certain persons about the status of the Council

Do we offer digital learning? If yes then from which grade how many classes per week?

Every class at TRIO ICSE has a projector and system installed in the class. Students have access to the best multi- media resources which are tailored into the daily lesson plans by teachers. Other than this they have computer as a subject. We also offer online reading program which is time tabled and there are 2 blocks allotted for the same.

How safe is the school environment?

We have an anti-bullying policy in the school to curb bullying by students. Our policies on sexual abuse is also well framed according to the norms prescribed by the government. We also have CCTV's installed in common areas and monitored. Our all teaching & non-teaching staffs goes through Criminal Verification Test (CBV) test.

What about safety in buses, do we have teachers on every bus?

Kindly refer to the transport link on our web page. Click here - Transport