ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

Trio World School takes sheer pride to launch its ICSE Section in June 2015. Presently we are offering classes up to Grade 8. As a consequence of this sincere attempt, TRIO strides towards increasing the ambit of knowledge and learning through extending it upto Classes X (ICSE) and XII (ISC).
The ICSE Schools is a separate entity, with its own campus having world –class facilities and resources. ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education)/ ISC (Indian School Certificate) is an insignia of quality education and is revered by those who revere education. Trio World School strives to impart wisdom and become an epitome of quality and excellence.

What is unique about TRIO ICSE School?
TRIO aims to utilize and take full advantage of the ICSE/ ISC curriculum, by ensuring that pupils get the full range of subjects to choose from. Its unmatched infrastructure, facilities and service towards learning are deemed to make it the best amongst other international schools in bangalore city. TRIO has a broad vision to make the best out of the talents that students have and nurture them for the service of human race. TRIO ICSE School in Bangalore gives an all-round development environment and facilities that are World Class. It paves way towards every opportunity that every child should be given. The ICSE school gives an international exposure to a student and moulds him/her to take up any challenge in life.

Why choose Trio ICSE School, Bangalore – TRIO ranks amongst the best International Schools in India and has proven itself as an unmatched life trainer for young minds. It gives every opportunity that a child deserves and merges all aspects of life to make better people out of the young minds. It believes that education is the most powerful tool to enlighten the society which TRIO perceives on a global scale.