Message from Principal


I welcome you all to the website of Trio World School, Bangalore, one of the city’s fastest growing and top-tier ICSE schools. It is indeed a great privilege to serve as the principal of Trio World School. Our core values of Leadership, Discipline, Academic Excellence and Service serve to illuminate our way, as we guide our students into becoming independent and productive human beings. Trio’s stellar track record in the international education space has served as a paradigm of a wholesome education, during the implementation of Indian curricula. It is an exhilarating and challenging time to be at the helm of the school, when it is growing in leaps and bounds. Our student and teacher base are rapidly expanding.

Trio World School students are given the opportunities to grow in every dimension of their lives. We ensure that we build positive and affirming relations with each student.  They get our full support and attention, irrespective of their strengths and performance. We instill a tremendous amount of discipline in them, to prepare them for the competitive environment that they will face, both in India and abroad. Children must approach extracurricular activities with a sense of joy, and not as a chore. We have ensured that we always have a vast set of activities, with qualified teachers, that will enrich everyone. Our classroom arrangements are structured to maximize learning. Our library, sports facilities, and supporting infrastructure are always being upgraded to the best standards.

We keep up with the trends in the world education space and are constantly updating our practices. We have a team of committed and talented teachers, who are on the mission to seek out, develop and implement world-class models for teaching. Our teachers are expected to set and meet high standards for themselves. They are encouraged to be inspirational role models for our students. Trio provides its teachers a conducive environment for all-round professional development and growth.

Every staff member at Trio is committed to developing strong relationships with the families of our students. At Trio, we deeply involve parents in important decisions related to their child's education, and career, and encourage them to be an active part of the school community. We have several mechanisms for communicating with our parents/caregivers on a regular basis and ensure that the concerned school individuals always remain approachable.

I encourage you to take the time to browse our website for more information. Your inquiries regarding admissions and visits to the school campus are welcome throughout the year. I hope that you will visit Trio soon to experience exuberant culture of Trio.

Bela Murthy
Principal - ICSE