Human anatomy, landscape, Still life are some of the major topics students at TRIO would be learning


TRIO introduces Hindustani classical music in an effort to impart classical music lessons to students across grade 1 to 7. Students not only learn music but also learn to appreciate the nuances in music.

Celebrations in TRIO ICSE

At TRIO, we believe that the school is an important part of the community and we are committed to teaching a curriculum rich in cultural diversity. Celebrating events and festivals have become an important part of learning and building a strong cultural belief in a child. Trio encourages students to embrace their traditions and culture in order to understand our countries rich tradition. Children are familiarized with the significance of the occasion, making them aware of country in a more fun and innovative way. The events oraganised at TRIO, are celebrated with great pomp and fervor. Children at TRIO are exposed to the essence of festivals through stories, music, dance, food, discussions and a variety of hand-on activities and projects. Along with the enthusiasm, fun and various activities of celebration, the qualities of sensitivity, simplicity and creativity is also highlighted.

Competitions in TRIO

Competition in any form brings out the best in people and pushes them to excel. Every event at TRIO is an opportunity for students to enhance their talents and capabilities and learn new skills. Besides academics, TRIO offers many co-curricular activities to create a positive learning environment which not only provides students to learn, but also to grow and be what they ougt to be. We promote multi-dimensional activities and competitions that include- Elocution, poetry, recitation, quiz, math bee drawing/painting competition and many more.


Skating program in TRIO is designed to engage students of grade 2 to 6. Skating delivers fitness and promotes balance, coordination, elevated motor skills and most importantly health. It enhances spatial perception, logical and sequential thinking.