Do you know who Van Gogh or  Jamini Roy is? Students at TRIO ICSE will definitely know because of our unique art curriculum. It is not just drawing, colouring and painting. It introduces students to different artists from all around the globe, their famous paintings and their styles. It also focuses on creating passion among students to follow some of those styles and replicate them using different mediums.


'SaPa in Schools' is a programme that we have adopted from the 'Subramaniam's Academy of Music.' We realised the need for a wholesome music program and found SaPa's philosophy fantastic. The academy believes that "There is a need for a structured, systematic syllabus, and a method to engage the interest of children.  Furthermore, in today‚Äôs global environment, it is important for children to understand their roots, but also develop a world view and greater cultural understanding". Faculty from SaPa conduct weekly time tabled classes as a part of the curriculum during the week.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' We at TRIO know this very well and hence have adopted a comprehensive physical education program in collaboration with 'Sportify' a sports Company that incorporates extensive research based PE and Sports Education Program that enables school children to adopt sporting skills from an early age. The program curriculum is developed by experts from Child Health & Development, Singapore and Sports Educators from Australia and India. Swimming is also a part of the physical education blocks and taught more as a life skill.


In today's world it is vital to keep ourselves safe. We realised the importance of acquiring self defense techniques to tackle situations if and when encountered. Hence we have Taekwondo classes regularly once a week that is again part of the day to day schedule.


Yoga is a methodical conscious effort towards the self-development of the potentialities latent in the individual. Yoga emphasizes an all-round personality development at the physical mental intellectual emotional and spiritual levels through:

  • Deep relaxation at muscular level. 
  • Slowing down of breath and maintaining balance at Pranic level 
  • Increasing creativity and willpower at mental level which is very important in a child
  • Calming down the mind
  • Enhancing the happiness in life. 

We achieve the above mentioned points by doing pranayaam various types of poses with our children. 

NOTE- All non-scholastic programs are compulsory for all the students studying at TRIO ICSE.