Board Of Directors

Welcome to the Trio World School website. Trio is now a decade into its service in the educational field and counting. Our school has become the ideal environment where students, teachers, and staff come in, to blossom into their best. When you step into Trio, you will sense the uniqueness, inclusivity, liveliness within the school campus.

Indian curricula are known to be in-depth, technical and demanding of mastery. At Trio, we open up the learning process, by adapting a curriculum to its widest scope of application. 

Every member of our staff is fully aware of their impact in helping each student accomplish their academic goals. As an upcoming ICSE school, we are envisioning and working towards realising tremendous possibilities ahead, for adopters of the ICSE curriculum.

The Trio approach both gives students an edge in the competitive environment in India, as well as the opportunity to chart out a meaningful academic journey. Our students are encouraged to cultivate resilience and responsibility as future global citizens. We give them ample community service opportunities, that help them connect their day to day tasks to living ethically.

It is an honour to serve as the managing director of Trio World School and watch the Trio community grow over the years. I welcome you to visit our campus for a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Trio. We will be happy to help your child carve out the perfect academic niche for themselves.

Managing Director
Naveen K M