Message from Coordinator

A unique blend of international methodology, ambience, culture and facilities with the Indian curriculum is what makes TRIO ICSE special. Our core values of Leadership, Discipline, Academic Excellence and Service are not the only things that we emphasise on. When a child walks into our portal and leaves it behind he/she should walk out with the feeling  and conviction that "I can and I Will." Those are the kind of Samaritans we want to produce who can go out into this world and make us proud.
There is no other shortcut to this and the only one way to produce healthy and wholesome adults and people who will lead selfless and meaningful lives is to educate our children. The best teaching has always been about much more than the transfer of knowledge. It’s about providing a meaningful context for that knowledge, examining how great thinkers have shaped history and culture, and discovering why important ideas matter in our individual lives and in society as a whole. Valuing knowledge and showing its influence in human life is critical in making education meaningful and satisfying.
Our aim at TRIO ICSE is to provide an education that is deeply connected to children's personal life and to prepare them to become active contributors to bettering our world. We believe in the development of the whole child. While academic success is expected of our students, their involvement in extracurricular activities is equally as important. We just do not want to produce more doctors, engineers, architects; we vow to create caring and compassionate humans with moral values and ethics.
With a varied experience of travelling all over the country due to my services background, my experience of 19 years of teaching in schools with no infrastructure like Leh, Ladakh way back and in contrast to it some top notch schools like 'Bethany High' and  8 long years at 'Mallya Aditi International School' Bangalore, my learning has become three folds. 'We seize to live when we seize to learn' is a firm belief that I have and my quest for learning, mentoring and shaping the community of teachers and learners continues. With this philosophy and being a part of TRIO, I am very confident that we are on our path to creating a trail. With the cooperation of each and every individual linked to the TRIO community, I am sure we at TRIO ICSE will complement the vision of TRIO as a whole and will find a strong place in our society and leave a trail behind...
So join hands with us to shape your child into great human beings!
Best Wishes
Padma Sekar
Academic Coordinato