TRIO ICSE firmly believes in the holistic development of students. Hence there are different dimensions to our day to day life at TRIO. Hence a day at TRIO is a combination of scholastic and non scholastic blocks. We cover many scholastic areas such as

  • English Literature & Language
  • Exclusive Reading Blocks
  • Special Spelling and Creative Writing program
  • Second Language that comprises of Hindi, Kannada from Class One onwards and French from Class 5 onwards
  • Environmental Science till Grade 5
  • Mathematics with hands on experience in the Math Lab-


Tab Lab: Trio’s tablet based learning solution has been masterfully designed to engage today's smart and digitally-savvy students. It harnesses their fascination for gadgets as well as the technological skills that they have already mastered to deliver a complete educational experience. The solution integrates study material, activities, assessments, planners and reports on a single platform. We aim to lighten students’ bags by replacing most of their books with a single tablet. The platform eliminates the need to carry textbooks and reference books by including their digital versions from a multitude of publishers.

Learning becomes truly immersive with integrated multimedia content: animations and videos are included in the lessons. The syllabus pattern of the course content will be exactly as prescribed by the school and/or board. Students and teachers can collaborate in following a systematic lesson plan. An in-built planner will help them utilize time and study resources to their best extent.  Students will be able to pace themselves as they study and assess their own progress. Contextual, end-of-chapter and overall revision assignments are incorporated. A common dashboard puts all of these functions at a student’s fingertips.

The system ensures utmost safety by providing access to only school authorised content and blocking distractions such as social media platforms, games and so on. Cutting edge tools help teachers send out customized lessons content, activities and quizzes to their students. Assessments can be conducted faster and instantaneous reports can be generated on the completion of assessments by the students. The cloud based technology will help teachers monitor class wise and subject wise performance.

The features of the TRIO Tab programme are as follows:

  • Digitized version of text books
  • Multimedia lessons embedded into the text book
  • Practise tests preloaded for students to review and track progress
  • School can publish their own content
  • Students access content off-line – anytime/anywhere
  • Institution can distribute content in bulk & at-speed
  • Students will not be able copy/replicate the content or applications from the environment
  • Every student is mapped to the class & institute – part of Learning Management System
  • Principal, Academic Coordinators & Individual teachers given individual logins to monitor and manage the students
  • Cloud-based solution – enables teachers to access from anywhere through the internet - through any device


Mathematics with hands on experience in the Math Lab : Math Lab is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities are carried out by the teachers or the students to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards Mathematics. It provides an opportunity to students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. The laboratory allows and encourages the students to think, discuss with each other and the teacher and assimilate the concepts in a more effective manner. It enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters, etc. Students are taken to the lab once a week to learn or review the concepts taught in class.
Biology, Physics and Chemistry from Class 6 onwards
History & Civics, Geography from Grade 6 onwards
Experiential learning in the Science lab
Computer Science taught in a best set up lab with a capacity of 25 students at a time with the latest systems, LCD projector and printer installed for students to use for learning and research purposes.


Assessments: Assessment is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. We believe in a stress free environment for students till Class 3 and hence follow continuous assessment through observation and formative assessments. However as students’ progress into Class 4 we start conditioning them to cope up with the concept of exams. There will be internal assessments based on projects, assignments and chapter checks.

  • Class 1, 2, 3- No Exams, only formative assessments after every unit
  • Class 4, 5 - Two scheduled assessments- one in October/November and another in March that will be graded.
  • Class 6 onwards- Three scheduled assessments- one in September,one in Dec/Jan and one in March which will be marked and graded.


Asset Exam: from Grade 3 onwards: ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) is a benchmarking and diagnostic test. Designed  and developed by Educational Initiatives (EI), it is a skill-based test which measures students' conceptual understanding. Comprehensive reports benchmarking the performance are given to the core stakeholders - school, teacher and student. ASSET tests are based on the national curriculum and therefore cover all boards including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and State boards.


National Olympiads from Silver Zone: (Optional for students).

Silver Zone Foundation is reckoned as the organizer of the biggest and the most popular International Olympiads. These Olympiads have reputedly created a platform for students, from all walks of life, to appear and judge their mettle at various levels of these highly appreciated competitive examinations, both on National and International scale.  The competitions are open to all the students, from Class-I to Class-XII, and a perfect global platform wherein a student can actually put his/her talent, memory, knowledgeand skill setsto test and can apprehend his/her standing on an international scale. All these in turn help them as a trajectory for their achievements in higher studies and professional areas, later in life.